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The 火狐体育下注信息技术服务 创建了术语“linkblue”来定义一个目录帐户(用户id和密码),可以在连接到许多校园范围的系统时使用, including myUK, Canvas and myUK GPS (Graduation Planning System).

您的linkblue帐户是在一个工作日内创建的, as a student you are accepted, or as an employee you are entered into payroll. linkblue帐户必须激活才能登录到许多服务. 有关激活帐户的详细说明可在 Activating Your Account page. For further linkblue information, visit

Students, faculty, 和员工应该使用他们的linkblue ID登录微软365和谷歌Gmail(谷歌工作区). To sign in, use your username and linkblue password.  更多信息请访问技术帮助中心,网址为